Regular exercise to keep your heart healthy is key to having a vibrant life.  Swim spa pools offer features specifically designed to support the kind of health you deserve at the level you want.

Young school-aged kids, working adults, and seniors can all benefit from targeted, enjoyable exercise programs in a swim spa hot tub.  The warm currents and pulsing jets exfoliate your skin, increase circulation, and detoxify your body.*  All this reduces common heart stressors you experience through a normal day.

swim spa heart health

Enjoyable aerobic activities in your swim spa include swimming, running or walking on an aquatic treadmill, and yoga-based stretching routines.  Weight-resistance training, like rowing, squats, and arm exercises with dumbbells are also supported depending on the design of your swim spa pool.

Make a swim spa pool a central part of building and enjoying a strong, healthy, dynamic life.  Your heart with thank you for a lifetime.


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